Shitoryu’s History

(Founder)Kenwa Mabuni

Sensei Kenwa Mabuni was born in Okinawa in Meiji 22. At the age of 13 (Meiji 35), he joined the master of Shuri-te, Sensei Itosu Ankō. While he was 19 (Meiji 41), Sensei Miyagi Chōjun introduced him to the master of Naha-te, Sensei Kanryo Higaonna. After completing his military service in Taisho 3, he became a local policeman and actively practiced Karate of other styles and Ryukyu Kobudo.

In Taisho 7, he chaired the “Tang Hand Research Association”. Later, in Taisho 14, he opened a dojo at his home and established the “Tang Hand Research Club”.

During the Showa 4 era, Sensei Kenwa Mabuni moved to Osaka and worked hard to promote karate at various universities in Kansai. Five years later (Showa 9), the Yoshukan dojo was established and named the style Shitoryu based on the names of his two teachers.

In Showa 14, he registered Shitoryu to the Great Nippon Wudokukai. In Showa 27, Takayoshi Itagami was appointed as “the third generation of the Shitoryu School”. Sensei Kenwa Mabuni passed away on May 23 of the same year at the age of 62.

(Former Soke)Kenei Mabuni

Sensei Kenei Mabuni was born in Shuri City, Okinawa, in Taisho 7. He often practiced with his father, Sensei Kenwa Mabuni, in childhood. He can be said to be a living witness to the history of karate. In Showa 27, Sensei Kenei Mabuni succeeded the Yoshukan as the “Shitoryu Second Generation Soke” and the legend of Shitoryu karate. He published many books, including some technical books and thought books, which are highly praised in the academic circles. In recent years, translations in different languages have even appeared in published works, which enriches the field of karate careers.

In Showa 59, he was awarded the Commendation Award for Meritorious Workers of Martial Arts by the Japan Martial Arts Council.

In Heisei 5, the World Shitoryu Karate Federation was established and assumed the position of president.

Sensei Kenei Mabuni passed away on December 19, 2011, at 97.

Soke)Kenyu Mabuni

On July 1, Heisei 27, Sensei Kenyu Mabuni officially took office as the “Shitoryu Third-generation Soke”. On August 22 of the same year, in his speech at the opening ceremony of the “55th Shito-kai National Athlete Conference” held at the Osaka City Central Sports Association, he said that with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics while karate was included as a competitive event, karate development is about to take a new page.